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Guidelines for Abstract Submission

Prepare an abstract

• All submission have to be done online
• To submit an abstract, you have to registered for the conference first
• Abstracts should be restricted to 250 words (maximally 2000 characters including space)
• All abstracts should have the following structure
o Title
o Background (Introduction)
o Methods
o Results
o Discussion

• Please indicate main category of your contribution:
o 01 Biochemistry and structure of Lp(a)
o 02 Lp(a) metabolism
o 03 Genetics of Lp(a)
o 04 Pathophysiology of Lp(a)
o 05 Importance of Lp(a) in various clinical conditions
o 06 Therapy of elevated Lp(a)
o 07 Methodology
o 08 Miscellaneous

Brief instruction for abstract submission

Please login with your email address and password! You are routed to the overview page.

Choose “SUBMISSION” to get the submission overview.

On the left hand side you can select the abstract part: Choosing “MY ABSTRACTS” shows you all submitted ones.

Push “ABSTRACT SUBMISSION” to get the abstract submission page:

Step 1: Please fill in the title of your abstract
Step 2: Define your preferred category
Step 3: Fill in the contact information

Click NEXT
Add authors and affiliation on this page.
Using the pop-up menu (after filling in at least one institution) helps to select the appropriate affiliation for each author.

Click NEXT

Fill in the abstract text.

Mark the preferred type of presentation (poster or oral)
The organizers preserve the right to select approx.. 15 abstracts to be presented in the oral sessions of the main program

Select “SAVE“.

That’s it! Your abstract has been added to your account.

Select “MY ABSTRACTS” to view and edit (until submission deadline only) the information

Guidelines for Speakers

• The supported software for presentation is PowerPoint, Keynote is not allowed
• All presentation will be presented at a resolution of 1024 by 728 pixels
• When using videos, MPG and AVI are the most used video formats. Movie created in (Apple) QuickTime have to be converted them to MPG or AVI before inserting the video in your presentation. Save the videos used in your presentation on your CD/USB memory stick.
• Include your conflict of interest statement in the first slide.
• Please comply with the time regulation:
o We differentiate between two types of oral presentations:
o Major oral presentation: time limit is 25 minutes, followed by 5 minutes of discussion
o Oral presentation from selected abstract: time limit is 7 minutes, followed by 3 minutes of discussion

Technical help
In the speakers area, a technician helps to transfer his presentation into the congress network. When the transfer is complete, the technician performs a quick run of the presentation so the speaker can check whether the presentation runs correctly and all parts of the presentation are copied. Desktop computers will be available at the speaker room for last minute changes and reviewing your presentation, if needed.
Inside the presentation room, a technical assistant starts each presentation at the right time using a fixed computer connected to the congress network. When the presentation is launched, the speaker has control and can navigate with a remote device.
We do not allow the use of personal laptop for presentations. If you bring your laptop to the congress, the technician will copy the files on your hard disk of the laptop into the central congress network, so the laptop will no longer be needed. Of course, the easiest way is to bring your presentation on CD, DVD or memory stick.
At the end of the congress, all presentations will be deleted so that no copyright issues will arise.

Guidelines for Posters

• All posters have to be presented in printed form
• Posters must be brought to the conference by the presenting author and cannot not be mailed in advance!
• The organisers are not responsible for any poster left behind at the end of the meeting.
Required dimensions: Portrait, 90 cm wide, up to 150 cm high. We suggest 90 by 130 cm!
• Please include your conflict of interest statement in your poster
• Two poster sessions with guided tours for poster discussion are planned during the conference. Presenting authors will be informed in which they will participate.
o Postersession 1: Friday, May 27, 2016 17:30 – 18:30
o Postersession 2: Saturday, May 28, 2016 15:30 – 16:30

The Organizers of the International Lp(a) Satellite Meeting announce the

Call for Young Investigator Awards (YIA)

Age < 35 years by 27th May 2016
Submission of an abstract before 15. Feb.2016
Valid registration and payment of the registration fee.

If you intend to participate in this call, please write in the Abstract Form in the Section "Contact" :
1. Date of birth
2. I participate in the Call for Young Investigator Awards!
3. I accept the conditions of this call.

The awardees will get a refund of their registration fee and a substantial amount of money in cash - The actual amount will be announced at the site of the meeting.

If you have already submitted your abstract and you are interested in the YIA, you can edit it until end of the deadline and add these three topics:

1. Date of birth
2. I participate in the Call for Young Investigator Awards!
3. I accept the conditions of this call.

Gert M Kostner
For the Organizers

Presenter Award

The best oral presentations selected from the submitted short lectures will be elected for a presenter award (300,- Euros)

Poster Award

The best five posters will be elected by the scientific committee and the presenter will receive a poster award (200,- Euros each)

Call for Late Breaking News

It is our great pleasure to announce the late break abstract call. If you are interested in presenting your latest data as oral presentation or as a poster, please take the last chance and submit your abstract online via the conference webpage.

Time frame for submission April 18 – 25, 2016

To submit an abstract you will need to register for the International Lp(a) Satellite Meeting first and subsequently you can upload, modify and submit your abstract, handle and modify your registration and book additional events.

All abstracts should include the following structure:

Main Topics
• Biochemistry and structure of Lp(a)
• Lp(a) metabolism
• Genetics of Lp(a)
• Pathophysiology of Lp(a)
• Importance of Lp(a) in various clinical conditions
• Therapy of elevated Lp(a)
• Methodology

Information on the topics and general guidelines for abstract submission can be found on the conference webpage as well.
The abstracts will be peer reviewed and only those that comply with Good Scientific Practice (GSP) will be accepted.

Without exception, you will be charged 50,- Euros for each abstract peer reviewed, if you do not join the conference.

84th EAS Congress

This meeting is a satellite to the
84th EAS Congress to be held in
Innsbruck from May 29 - June 1, 2016

Please contact us:

Organizing Comittee

For further information please contact
Prof. Gerhard Kostner


Call for Late Breaking News:
April 18 - 25, 2016

Regular Registration:
May 22, 2016

(last update April 1, 2016)